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Monday, July 12, 2010


When storyteller Jim Weiss steps onto a stage, he shows up with only his voice - no costumes or props, just stories, with a wide range of characters. His voice is soothing and spellbinding; he has no trouble holding kids' - and adults' - attention! We came across his recordings (cassette tapes, then) back in the '90's, through our homeschooling connections. We bought several, and they were great to listen to on summer road trips. Our kids were entranced!

Mr. Weiss and his wife started their own company, Great Hall Productions, in 1989 and to date have produced over 43 storytelling recordings! You can navigate their website and not only find the CD recordings grouped by age listening level, but also hear samples of each recorded story. www.greathall.com/aboutus.html

Our favorite Jim Weiss story recordings included:
ARABIAN NIGHTS (ages 6 and up)
SHERLOCK HOLMES (ages 8 and up)

I see that one of his newest recordings is CARRY ON, MR. BOWDITCH (unabridged, ages 8 and up). A Newberry winner, the book is based on the the real life of Nathanael Bowditch, inventor of a new method for sea navigation: lunar reckoning. The story is set during the American Revolution, and is a touching biography of a worthy hero. I read this book to my kids, but I wish we would have had this recording!

You can order (and listen to samples) on the Greathall Production website (above), or from one of my favorite resources, CHINABERRY: www.chinaberry.com/col.cfm/pgc/30000/sbc/30047/va/1

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  1. I just interviewed Jim last week on my radio show in Charlottesville. What a fantastic storyteller!