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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Back in Print: Memoir of a Romanian Princess

I couldn't be more excited that I Live Again, A Memoir of Ileana (Princess of Romania and Archduchess of Austria, who later in life became Mother Alexandra, founder of an Orthodox Women's monastery in Pennsylvania) is back in print from Ancient Faith Publishing.

Father Remus Grama gives a perfect summary of this book in his Prologue: "I Live Again sums up not only the dramatic ups and downs of the life of a princess but the epic poetic story of the triumph of true faith in the face of adversity...written with the American reader in mind.  It reveals the life journey of the young princess, from the peace of her royal chambers to the stinking, lice-infested rooms of wartime hospitals.  It confesses the loss of that bygone world and the struggle to regain the essential meaning of life in service..."

You can read more about Princess Ileana/Mother Alexandra in my past blog post, "A Monastic Princess and the Jesus Prayer".

I Live Again was originally published in 1951. The Ladies' Home Journal printed the first of four installments of Princess Ileana's memoirs in 1951 under its own title of I Was A Princess. You can see this wonderful 4-part series with lots of nostalgic photos online, HERE.

For more of her writings and articles about her, go here [http://www.tkinter.smig.net/PrincessIleana/index.htm].

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