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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Renee Riva again stays true to old fashioned, timeless values in her newest book, HAPPY CAMPER.  It's a perfectly wholesome romantic comedy for ages junior high and up. I thoroughly enjoyed the antics of Renee's heroine, Allie Jaskie, aka "Sage Forrester".  A recent graduate of fashion and design school, Allie is desperately searching for work, and finally manages to land an interview for a job as field reporter at Happy Camper Magazine.  There is only one minor problem:  she hates camping.  Especially in the snows of Mt. Rainer, Washington.

But that's precisely what her new boss, editor Charlie Braun, wants her to report on.  He, of course, finds himself attracted to this cute, but slightly quirky girl, in spite of (or maybe partly due to) the fact that she shows up for an interview in some unique outdoor attire she found last-minute at the Goodwill (her main accessory is an old canteen slung across her shoulder!)

Allie's fairly convincing job application and interview pretty much dupe Charlie - who is desperate to find a good journalist who will help him climb another rung of the ladder at Happy Camper so he can finally move into a better, bigger office - into hiring her.

You'll smile your way through this fun book and the situations that "Sage" finds herself in as she tries to deliver on promises she can't always keep.  Hint:  Much to her own surprise, she find celebrity status in bright pink tents, Girl Scout songs, and trendy hiking attire.  A heart-warming love story! (And don't 'ya think Charlie has a great last name?)

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