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(Painting by Mary Cassatt: "Mrs Cassatt Reading to her Grandchildren" -1888)

Friday, February 15, 2013



Yesterday was Valentine's Day, and also "International Book Giving Day".  I wanted to donate some books, and decided to support my local library at the same time by donating some used children's books I knew I could buy from our library bookstore...  
With grandbaby in tow, my daughter and I went to one of our local libraries, where we were greeted by the cutest book display I've seen in a long time.  There was a sign that read, 


It seems that libraries (and high schools) all across the U.S. are getting into the act, trying to encourage people to read, and using Valentine's Day as their happy medium. 

Library card holders can check out a book from a shelf full of books wrapped in plain paper - their genre and title are hidden from the reader. 

Written directly across the wrapped book were words and phrases with hints telling library patrons a little about what’s inside; just enough to pique their interest! (The library barcode is on the back, for secretive check-out.) 

You unwrap your book when you get home, perhaps discovering a new favorite book or author. 

The best part? 
"If you don't enjoy the book, bring it back with no hurt feelings or awkward breakups."

So - what books did I end up with to donate on "International Book Giving Day"?  They were both chapter books. (I left them anonymously on a playground park bench with a note.)  Here are some hints:  

  • Book #1: "Meet a Girl"; "American"; "Victorian"
  • Book #2: "Bear"; "Orange Marmalade"; "Train Station"; "England"

How cute is this display? This library REALLY got into the Valentine spirit! [source]
Next year, inspired by the photo above, I think I'll wrap my books to donate as "Mystery Valentines" (kids don't go on blind dates!)

Even Maggie Smith has something to say about it! [source]


Amy said...

Yes! I've never seen this, but I love this idea for tempting people (and kids!) to try a new book. -Amy

sophiaofthrace said...

My guesses: Meet Samantha and A Bear Called Paddington.

WendyLady@GoodBooks said...

Correct!! :)

Cool Mom said...

Fantastic idea!

Rubbish Clearance London-Clear It Waste said...

Every kid deserves a book, new or recycled. Let them feel the adventures you have discovered by reading!

New follower here! From International Book Giving Day !

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