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Friday, July 12, 2013

Library Treasures in Bloomington!

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My recent trip to Bloomington, Indiana, wouldn't have been complete without a re-visit to the Public Library, of course!  The library bookstore is amazing.  It was a treasure trove for my Mom, my son, and myself - all three of us are self admitted thrift store, antique shop, and used bookstore addicts.
And really, who could resist children's books for 50 cents??

I bought a ton.

Needed to baggage check a box of them for the flight home.

(Happy) Sigh.

I've got so much to blog about!!!!  Stay tuned.

There is some interesting history behind Bloomington's Monroe County Public Library.  The first public library in Monroe County was established in 1820 in Bloomington's beautiful courthouse, located in the center of the town square.
County Courthouse, Bloomington, IN
Libraries built by Andrew Carnegie began appearing all over the United States at the turn of the nineteenth century, and Bloomington got one! 
Andrew Carnegie - More photos here.
Biography here.
In February 1918 the new Carnegie-built Bloomington Public Library opened its doors to patrons. The building would serve the needs of county residents for the next 52 years.
The original Carnegie building that housed the
Bloomington Public Library is now a museum. [photo source]

..."Indiana built more Carnegie libraries than any other state..."
In 1965, the Bloomington Public Library merged with the Monroe County Public Library system. Library service continued in the Carnegie building until 1970, with the completion of the current larger, more modern, library facility just a few blocks away.
They have a great children's services department, as you can see from the fun window display in the photo at the top of my post.  Stop in for a visit, if you ever find yourself in Bloomington, Indiana!  And watch my next post for some of the paper treasures I brought home...

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