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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Snowy Book That Will Warm Your Heart

It never fails.

The rest of the U.S. seems to be under piles of snow - while here in Southern California the Santa Ana Winds kick up and we get 80-degree temperatures!

 Growing up in Illinois and then Tennessee, I know how challenging everyday life can be with all that comes with snow and ice, but I do love it!

So I'm going to the snow today!  

As scheduled, with the sun shining brightly out my window and an 80-degree (now gentle) wind blowing, I'm typing up this post about an enchanting story, When It Snows, the debut picture book (new for the U.S. this year) from British artist, Richard Collingridge. For ages 2-6.
A little boy and his teddy bear go on an adventure.  Follow them through this book to experience the magic that happens "when it snows"...
The boy travels to some wondrous places, and the "Queen of Poles" even takes him to the North Pole (note: this book is really more about snow than Christmas). 

The story and illustrations are very dreamlike, and in the end the boy (along with the child reading the book) realizes he can go there everyday...

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