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Monday, March 24, 2014

Mid-Lent: Finding Comfort in the Cross

This past Sunday - the third Sunday of Lent - Orthodox churches everywhere celebrated the feast day of the "Adoration of the Cross".  And today I happen to be reviewing the book, Every Time I Do My Cross, from The Orthodox Children's Press about the ancient Christian practice of making the sign of the Cross as we pray.
Each year during the service mentioned above, I can't help but notice how the children especially are so reverent, bowing down low in prostration as the Cross is brought in a solemn procession to the center of the church (where it will remain for the entire week), a reminder and encouragement that we have reached the "halfway point" of our journey towards Christ's Resurrection.

Children understand the Cross, with its deep message of power and comforting assurance, and I think they will want this brand new picture book that reflects just that on their bookshelf!

With simple, yet charming text and illustrations, Every Time I Do My Cross, by Pres. Angela Alatzakis, seeks to show children the reasons for making the "sign of the Cross" as they pray.  The author brings us along to watch a little boy using the sign of the Cross during his various daily activities as well as at church.

Every time I do my cross it's for a different reason;
whether to thank God,
or to pray for help
with a big decision.
It doesn't matter the time or day
or even where I am,
when I need to say a prayer, 
doing my cross is where I begin.

Every Time I Do My Cross is available here from The Orthodox Children's Press.  Presvytera Angela (Married to Fr. Thomas Alatzakis) started this publishing company and Every Time I Do My Cross is her first book.  She has been a teacher for many years, and has always loved reading children's books.  She attended Hellenic College, receiving a degree in Human Development; Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, with a Masters of Theological Studies; and The University of Massachusetts, with an M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education.


  1. Awww, I love this! This would be good to get audrey. Ive started trying to show her how to do it :)

  2. the sign of the cross is done in wrong order

    1. Orthodox Christians make the sign right to left. Catholics make it left to right. Different traditions - not wrong. :)