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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Road Trip Detours: Frozen Custard and Zion National Park

"Those who live on the mountain have a longer day than those who live in the valley.  Sometimes all we need to brighten our day is to climb up a little higher."  ~Ella Flagg Young
When our children were young, we loved escaping the busy pace of life by camping at Zion National Park.  So of course we had to plan a little detour to go there during our road trip to Illinois...

But before we detoured to Zion, we had to "pre-detour" for something even more important – Nielsen's frozen custard in St. George Utah!

It's seriously the best dessert ever - the texture of it is smoother than ice cream.  Definitely worth the detour!!  If you're ever near one, GO.

On to Zion...I liked it when you could drive through and sightsee yourself; but now because of the park's popularity and to save on car emissions, they only allow visitors to experience Zion via shuttle buses.  

You catch them at the visitor center, where we saw some great books (and lots of other fun stuff) for kids.

There are tons of amazing hikes - quite a few are easy enough for children.  My husband and sons went on the challenging Angel's Landing hike, then we all went (with my grandson in the stroller) to Emerald Pools. 

It was a lovely way to "brighten our day".  Now we're on the road again heading to Colorado. 
July 29, 2014

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