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(Painting by Mary Cassatt: "Mrs Cassatt Reading to her Grandchildren" -1888)

Monday, November 3, 2014


Do you have a child who is sounding out his/her letters and showing an interest in reading?  Well, I've got the books for you! Aspiring young readers will love Molly Coxe's exciting BraveMouse Readers, and the stories are so much fun, most kids probably won't realize they're learning phonics in the process!

So far Molly has also created two "Short Vowel Adventures" (Rat Attack and Princess Pig) and is working on a third (Wet Hen).  Molly Coxe is also the author of Benjamin and Bumper to the Rescue, and I interviewed her here on Good Books back in February. (You can read my past interview with her here.)

I've linked Molly's books below to her website, BraveMouse Books, where you'll find resources for parents and educators; a fun "Toybox" tab for children; and examples of the photo illustrations from each story.  These exciting books make phonics fun!

Rat Attack features the “short a” sound, some sneaky rats, a kind grandmother ("Gram"), and her courageous and clever grandchildren ("Ann", "Fran", and "Stan").  A Rat, who keeps donning different disguises, tries to trick Gram into "handing over the jam".  Luckily, her grandchildren "have a plan"!  Your child will love the funny ending.

Princess Pig features the “short i” sound, a bossy pig, and a mouse named "Twig", who knows when to say “No!”  This little tale is about wishes ("Princess Pig" wants lots of wishes!), forgiveness, and friendship.  Find out what happens when the familiar fairytale "three wishes" turn into six!

Coming in the Spring of 2015...
Wet Hen features the "short e" sound, a kind mouse named Ben, and a wet Hen who wants to keep her  eggs dry.

I can't say enough about these adorable early readers!  I LOVE these books, and I think you will too.  Young children will immediately be engaged by Molly's fun photographs of her homespun wool and fabric stuffed felt characters and the imaginative and humorous scenarios she sets them in.
source: BraveMouse Books

Take a look at this short video, which gives us a quick peek into the process of "mouse-making" and  fun photo shoots for these books...

One last thing about these readers: Rat Attack is available in English, and in eight bilingual editions. Princess Pig is available in English, and a Spanish Bilingual Edition. (More languages soon.) Now I just need to know where Molly gets all her cute fabric!


  1. I ♥ the real photographs of felted animals! I just got a new (well, used, but professional) camera!!!
    I also really love the photography in this children's book "Fast Food."

    1. What a cute book! My grandson would love it. Can't wait to see all the photos you take with your new camera. :)