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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

On Super Bowl Sunday I Hosted a Nursery Rhyme Tea!

A"Sip 'N See" is a sweet Southern Tradition:  a casual Post Baby Party!  I was honored this past weekend to act as hostess at one for my godson, his wife, and their new baby girl, "Belle".  She's a little beauty!


Traditionally thrown by a doting Grandma, Godmama, Auntie (or Mom and Dad) after baby's birth, a Sip 'N See is an easy way to get friends and family - couples or ladies only - together for an open-house-style party to meet and greet the new baby.

Guests drop by, have a sip of tea or champagne (or both), see the baby, and honor the new mother (and father, if it's a co-ed event).

Unlike a more formal shower, it's not about games and presents - it's an informal event devoted to celebrating and welcoming the new baby (but of course a few little gifts always show up.)  

Our theme?  Easy!  A Nursery Rhyme English Tea.  My daughter and I put out some vintage picture books,  broke out our china dishes, and polished our inherited silver plate - thinking of my mom and remembering my grandma with every little buff of our cloths!

Since it was also Super Bowl Sunday, we didn't just serve frou-frou desserts.  We had grilled sausages and beer along with delicacies the ladies would enjoy.  The guys ended up gathering around the television, while the ladies took turns holding little Belle and visiting in my sitting room.

Go here to read about the Peter Pan themed Sip 'N See my sister and I did for my daughter and grandson.

Here are some quick tips for a successful Sip 'N See:

1.  Get a guest list from the parents of their local close friends and family.  Send out invitations or an Evite, making it clear that the party is open-house-style and that gifts are not expected. 

2.  An adult-only guest list tends to work best - you don't want the new baby exposed to lots of germs from eager little hands.  But of course it's ultimately up to what the parents want.

3.  Try to serve foods and drinks Mommy (and Daddy) enjoy.  Plan foods guests can easily serve themselves as they come and go.

4.  This is an informal get together, and you can make it as simple or elegant as the parents would like.  You can host anything from a buffet BBQ to an English Tea with finger foods (we served coffee and tea, mini-scones, some appetizers, and of course bubbly pink champagne!)  

5.  You don't have to have a theme, but it can make it easier in planning the food.  Decorations can be minimal - flowers, and colorful plates and napkins are enough.  You don't need to worry about games or party favors.  The main attraction is the BABY!

6.  Have the new parents bring pictures of themselves as babies, and a photo of the little guest of honor to adorn the table.

7.  Have a guest book that people can sign, with well wishes for the parents and baby.

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