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Thursday, July 9, 2015

"Flashlight": An Illuminating Book (Especially for a Sick Child!)

A flashlight is great distraction for a sick child. We recently put that to a test...along with an illuminating wordless book by talented Lizi Boyd.

Our family is trading around a nasty summer cold!  My daughter has had to get creative in finding things for my two-and-a-half year old grandson to do, since he's been too sick to be running around or playing outside.


One of my grandson's best friends is "Puppy", a shadow playmate with a funny voice that my husband introduced him to a few months ago.  "Puppy" magically showed up on our ceiling one night, and it took quite a few visits before my grandson ever noticed his Grandpa's animated hand in front of the flashlight.  His little eyes were so riveted to the circle of light and the shadow puppet!

So the other afternoon my daughter got out our trusty flashlight and let my grandson have at it. "Little Puppy" was born!

And when he'd had enough of "Little Puppy", we got out his Madeline Shadow Puppets.  Then he had fun holding those up to the flashlight, while we read aloud a Madeline story.

Maybe because of all the shadow play my grandson experiences with his Grandpa, or maybe because it's just a super imaginative and detailed (wordless) book, Lizi Boyd's Flashlight has been requested over and over and over at our house since my daughter found it at the library. 

It's a perfect summer read - especially if you have a cold - because you can go camping in the woods without ever leaving your house!

You'll discover what a boy sees when he leaves his tent and ventures out into his dark backyard with his faithful flashlight.  Preschoolers will love naming all the animals illumined by the beam of light, as well as those still in the shadows.

I love the twist at the end.  Guess who ends up with the flashlight!

Stay healthy!  (But it sickness finds you and your family this summer, grab a flashlight.  Fun is sure to follow.)  
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