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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Can't Get Enough Horse Stories!

I know it's barely been a month since my War Horse post, but I am beyond excited about a discovery I just made about another famous thoroughbred...

An audio book of Come on Seabiscuit! from two of my favorite storytellers:  author Ralph Moody (1898–1982), who also wrote the Little Britches books, and narrator Jim Weiss (Greathall Storytelling Recordings).  You can download the audio book here, from Learn Out Loud.com, or order the CD (2003) here, from Greathall.
Available here.

As a young girl, I went through a "horse phase" of literature and movies: Billy and BlazeMy Friend FlickaMisty of ChincoteagueNational VelvetBlack Beauty, and The Black Stallion. But somehow, I missed the book Come On Seabiscuit - maybe because I wasn't as interested in racing as I was in horses. 

As an adult, I saw the movie Seabiscuit and have gone to a racetrack once (at Del Mar, "where the surf meets the turf"), and let me tell you, it was fun and exciting to see horse racing live and up close.  I hope I can go again soon! 

Red Pollard (Tobey Maguire) rides the title horse
 in the film adaptation of "Seabiscuit."source

The original book about Seabiscuit, written in 1963, was illustrated by Robert Riger, and recently returned to print by the University of Nebraska Press.
Look at this cute vintage edition, available on Etsy, here.
Description (Publisher's Weekly): Long before Laura Hillenbrand's "Seabiscuit: An American Legend" became a bestseller for adults, Moody's book (which is referenced in Hillenbrand's work) introduced the great racehorse to a younger audience. First published in 1963, Moody's title has recently experienced a resurgence, thanks to the more recent title and the feature film it inspired. Noted children's storyteller Weiss confidently takes the reins here, tracing the thoroughbred from his humble, knobby-kneed beginnings, through periods of doubt and scorn as expressed by his early owners to his triumph as one of the biggest-hearted racers in history. Weiss immediately assumes his typical leisurely pacing, drawing listeners in by capturing the flavor of historic details and setting the stage for exciting races, including the ultimate contest against his rival, Triple Crown winner War Admiral. This well-rounded selection is bound to captivate horse fans, sports fans and anyone who enjoys being wowed by a good story. Ages 8-up. 

I am a huge fan of Ralph Moody's Little Britches books - honestly, I can't recommend them highly enough!  You can read my past post about Ralph Moody here. Jim Weiss is a master story teller that I've highlighted on my blog several times - here - and I'm thrilled to know he recorded this wonderful story.

Go to: Seabiscuit American Experience WGBH | PBS to watch the online documentary about this extraordinary horse.

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  1. My little one loves horses. Which is funny, because aside from driving past them in pastures, she really isnt exposed much to horses. But they say there is something about girls and horses...they just fall in love! She'll probably love these books too!