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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New York Stories

My blog is not usually this quiet during Advent...the reason for my absence is that I spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with my Mom and family in Indiana, and from there travelled with my husband to New York City!

Christmas in New York by Chuck Fischer

Of course, I had to visit Patience and Fortitude - they looked so festive, with their Christmas wreaths - as well as Winnie the Pooh and Co. at the NYCPL (I'll give you a little tour of this grand library in my next post)!

And there were museums - one day with dinosaurs, and another with art and immigrants. And shows - one with the Rockettes, and another with Barry Gordy. Happily, around every corner it was quite evident that Christmas is Coming.

With Advent marching on, where was I on St. Nicholas Day?
December 6th found me and my husband scurrying around the cold and rainy streets of New York City on our way to St. Nicholas Cathedral in Brooklyn!


We were in New York to attend a very historic event:  the Enthronement of Metropolitan Joseph (formerly our Bishop) as the new head of the Antiochian Orthodox Church in North America by the Patriarch of Antioch, John X of Damascus.

The newly Enthroned Metropolitan Joseph
with Patriarch John X of Damascus

And I got to sing in the choir!

photo: Haitham Fakhouri  - source

We had quite a view from the balcony!

It was a beautiful service, full of the reverence and joy one would expect, a day I will never forget.

I'm excited to share all my NY experiences with you - have you ever considered at trip to New York City with kids?  There is so much to do, especially during the holidays.  Go here for information.

You can also look here, on my past post of favorite children's books about The Big Apple, including Kathy Jakobsen's beautiful My New York.  But in the meantime, check out YouTube video of the incredible pop-up book I shared at the beginning of my post - it brings to life some of the wonderful things to see in New York at Christmastime...

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