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(Painting by Mary Cassatt: "Mrs Cassatt Reading to her Grandchildren" -1888)

Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Truth About Hippos...

Roger Duvoisin's classic picture book, Veronica, may portray hippos as adorable, gentle giants, but don't be fooled! 

This fun, fictional story of how a hippopotamus travels to the big city sure makes for a cute story, but when hippos leave the water, watch out! They're hungry and are looking for food!

I recently returned from a wonderful trip with my husband to a South African game reserve. Our safari adventures were amazing - and we learned lots of facts we never knew, especially regarding hippos!  

For instance, if hippos open their mouths wide in what looks like a big smiling yawn, it does NOT mean they're content.  They feel threatened by you, and they are warning you to stay away!

Hippos, with their little wiggly ears, stubby legs, and comically rounded snouts, can be as deadly dangerous in the wild as a lion, crocodile, or rhino.  

We stayed in our touring jeeps (sitting) at all times.  

The hippopotamuses and other wildlife we saw were used to the vehicles, but they would definitely protect themselves by possibly attacking anything that approached them on only two legs!

We came across a young bull hippo who had been forced out of his herd and who was trying to join up with a Mama and baby rhino.  (The baby rhino would have none of it, but the mother rhino didn't seem to care less.)

I hope that hippo eventually finds a friend!

If you want a children's book that tells the truth about hippos, look no further than Hippos are Huge! by Jonathan London, with amazing illustrations by Matthew Trueman.

You can follow along with the Youtube video of the book below, or find the book at your local library or bookstore.  There are so many interesting facts about hippos.  And you don't even have to go on safari to find them!