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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Love at Lent - Family Activity Pack Giveaway

Blessed Feast of the Annunciation! Today, I'd like to highlight Love at Lent, a new offering from Ancient Faith Publishing.  Orthodox Lent and Pascha are a bit late on the calendar this year, and so am I in getting this post out, but nonetheless, here you go... 

Michelle Bonanno Triant, along with illustrator Maria Constantinescu, has curated a sweet boxed set of 50 Lenten activity cards for the whole family that will encourage forgiveness, gratitude, generosity, prayer, and love. 

These daily tasks and prayer cards will get your family involved in the Spirit and work of Lent.  You can choose one each day of Great Lent and Holy Week to discover a new simple task to complete. The cards can also be utilized in other settings, such as Sunday school, church ministry groups, and homeschool cooperatives.

I just LOVE Maria Constantinescu's illustrations on the front of each card.  So bright and perfect for spring!

I think parents will appreciate that the tasks on the back of the cards are simple and straightforward, and not overwhelming at all. They don't even need to be done in a specific order (although there are a few that go especially with Holy Week and Pascha.) Along with the activities, all the cards include "Tips" and "Bonus Fun".

Here are a few examples of specific tasks:

Read a Bible Story

Say "I Love You" in Another Language

Give Away a Toy

Take a Family Walk


Decorate a Pascha Card

GIVEAWAY: I know this fun pack of sturdy activity cards will be anticipated by kids and used year after year!  I'd love to send it to someone.  

Be the first parent, grandparent, godparent, or Sunday school teacher to leave a comment and the pack is yours. Then send me an email {wendyb[spam]1963@sbclgobal.net} with your mailing address. 

*Of course anyone is welcome to leave a random comment and not enter in the giveaway, but please specify that. Giveaway is only open to my readers with children in their lives that could benefit.  Not to be re-sold under any circumstance!  The cards are available here from Ancient Faith Publishing.