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You may have noticed that not all books are equal in capturing children's imaginations and in cultivating those innocent, tender souls. My goal is to help you find the ones that do!
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Thursday, September 23, 2010


If you read my post about the book UNDER THE GRAPEVINE, by Chrissi Hart, then you've already been introduced to the beautiful artwork of Claire Brandenburg.  Claire, herself, has written and illustrated four beautiful children's books I'd like to mention today...

DANIEL AND THE LION (Conciliar Press) is a unique picture book, set in modern times, about an American boy named Daniel, who must face his own "Lion" - fear - brought on by a bully who has been picking on him at school.  Find out how Daniel receives help and comfort from not only his friends and family, but his guardian angel and the saints, in facing his fear.

"Jesus have mercy on me. I am really afraid of that Paul guy at school Help me.  Take away my fear"

THE MONK WHO GREW PRAYER (Conciliar Press)  I love this sweet, simple telling of a Monk who prays continually day and night as he goes about his tasks, such as working in his garden and chopping wood.
As he works, he is really growing prayer.

SONG OF THE TALANTON (Conciliar Press)  A visitor to a women's desert monastery is awoken early in the morning for prayer with the nuns by the rhythmic summons of the talanton.   (A talanton is a board used in monasteries for tapping out the call to prayer for different services during the day.)  This book comes with a wonderful audio CD.

THE TUMBLED STONE (New Varatec Publishing) In this beautifully told and illustrated tale, a pilgrim visiting Spruce Island (of St. Herman) in Alaska, finds a smooth stone that God uses to reveal to him the Saints of North America.

To learn more about Claire and all her books, visit her website.  Claire lives in Taos, New Mexico.

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  1. Thanks Wendy!
    I'm really glad that you like the books. They were a real delight to write and illustrate. Yes, sometimes there were those places in the process, mostly the illustration part, that I had to ask...How many more do I have left?!

    I am working on a young adult novel right now and I guess it is sort of like that too. Hadn't thought about it, but in a novel, the illustration is in the words.

    In the big picture a lovely time, I'm glad to hear that a reader feels the same.
    Claire Brandenburg